This is very much a Texas album, but Allan doesn't beat you over the head with his Texas pride. There's an engagingly comfortable feel to the playing, the vocals, the harmonies and the songwriting, as if they worked the album up on the back porch, cut it in a studio and managed to get the best of both worlds.
-- 3rd Coast Music (complete review here)


10 of the coolest songs to come to roots country fans in quite a while. Glenn Allan and Kim Mackenzie harmonize like peas and carrots. Flaco Jimenez adds the south Texas flavor to this album with his accordion work. This is no run of the mill release. Country fans will love this album. This CD should be on country radio everywhere!
-- Roots Music Report


Allan and Mackenzie have crafted a 10-cut CD that showcases their instrumental prowess, engaging vocals and Allan's lyrics. The CD also puts the group's range on display. Part country, part folk, part Tex-Mex and all Texas, it's a mixture that works. The disc sounds great.
-- San Antonio Express-News


The recipe for "Paradise Texas" is simple and, for this reason, so effective: a sound coming straight from the hearts of these musicians to the hearts of those who have the sensibility to appreciate its genuineness. ...the ideal soundtrack for every country roots lover.
-- Lone Star Time (Italy)

Suffice it to say that this CD sounds equally good in the living room, as in the kitchen or the car, and I sure want to see and hear this duo when I get to Texas the next time.
- RootsTown Music E-Zine (Belgium)


Glenn Allan and Kim Mackenzie take you on a very worthwhile journey that proves to be entertaining as well as artistically sound. A complete mixture of style and charismatic energy that flows from the beginning of the upbeat "Goin' To Mexico" and doesn't let up until the last note of "Death Of Me." The chemistry between the two performers is evident. The listener has fun, and you can tell the duo had just as much fun recording the CD while remaining focused on the goal. There is not a bad track in the bunch.
-- Rikk's Revues


Paradise, Texas would be a great place to settle down and raise some kids. The streets are clean and everybody says 'hi'. Glenn Allan and co-vocalist / fiddle player Kim Mackenzie work very well together -- Mackenzie singing just below Allan, they combine to make a perfect pair. If you lean towards the traditional, you'll find much to entertain you.
-- Americana UK


I really enjoy "Paradise, Texas." It is a strong concentrate of different Texan musical styles played and sung with passion and compentence by a very fine pair of artists. And of course the presence of such a musical legend like the great Flaco Jimenez sounds like a sort of endorsement in fact! Surely more from that CD will follow on my show in the next weeks.
-- Massimo Ferro, host of Highway 61, Radio Voce Spazio, Italy


Thank you so much for this sending this CD, one of the very good surprises of these last weeks. Usually, when I listen to a new CD, I can find a maximum of 3 or 4 good songs acceptable to be aired. The problem is totally different with Paradise, Texas; I have to find the ones I will not air -- quite all the songs are musical gems.
--Mike Penard, Radio Isa, France


Thanks so much for sending the CD Paradise, Texas by Glenn Allan with Kim Mackenzie. I love this CD! John Conquest has written a very accurate review (as he always does).
--Theo Oldenburg, host of Alt Country Cooking, Radio Winschoten, the Netherlands


I am listened whole album through. Oh what a nice album! Flaco and the guys plays vivid, roughly and tight to each songs. I love this kind of music. It's excellent Tex-Mex music with country flavor to me. Seems you're recorded this album with much fun and enjoyed.
-- Tom Kawai, Lonestar Productions, Chiba, Japan


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